Eraserheads' The Heads Set: What's Inside the Box

This is just a follow up on my Eraserheads Box Set post. I got The Heads Set on my birthday but I got so busy the past days I wasn't able to open it and play the CDs until now.

So here's it! Everything's inside the box as they promised.

The Eraserheads Magazine magazine (more like a book) which contains old Eraserheads pictures and the lyrics of all of their songs.

Plus the studio albums, EPs and the Pop-U-Mentary all contained in cardboard cases -- which I didn't like much.

  • Circus -- still my favorite!
  • Natin99
  • Carbon Stereoxide
  • UltraelectroMagneticPop
  • Aloho Milkyway
  • Sticker Happy
  • Bananatype
  • Dirty Little Treasures
  • Cutterpillow
  • Fruitcake

And of course, the limited edition T-Shirt. Too many people are asking for this shirt, I decided not to give it away. :P

Most people I know are surprised that I took real effort to get this and say they didn't really see me as an Eraserheads fan. Well, I am not. I'm not even familiar with most of their songs. Haha. But the songs that I know, I really do like. And when I hear them, they transport me back to the good old times. I always say that Eraserheads that is like the sound track of 90s and it always feels good to look back at those times. :)

I may not agree to their lifestyle or to all of the message of their songs, but you got to admit, they do have nice songs and they are real music geniuses and that there can never be another Eraserheads.

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