President Noynoy launched it's official website

In case you didn't know, at 12 noon yesterday, President Noynoy launched it's official website -- -- and I am liking it! :)

I've had my own site (Yahoo Geocities, old school! Haha.) and blog since high school and I can't believe only the 15th president have done this. (Correct me if I am wrong).

I am very happy about this especially because they have this Transparent Government page which encourages people to air their thoughts, suggestions and even criticisms. Remember my previous post where I am looking for our Mayor's email? Hehe.

I also love that it's in TagLish. :) We have to admit, that's the language common Filipinos understand. :) 
P-Noy wants to hear from you. Ibahagi ang iyong mga saloobin kung paano mas magiging bukas at tapat ang ating gobyerno. 
Or maybe they could also have it translated to other dialects. That way, our brothers and sisters with other dialects would feel appreciated. Hmm, maybe I should suggest that. :)

They also have this section called Tito Noy -- a section for kids -- which contains posters and graphics such as this..

And I love that it's not some crappy website that feels like it's been done as a high school project for their computer class.  It is interactive, nice color scheme and most of all, it has content. :)

Good Job, Mr. President. Keep it up! We'll continue to pray for you and our country. :)

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