We're loving this new drink stall in the Blessings and Prosperity food court here in Ayala.
It's called Zen Tea and they are offering a wide variety of tea drinks. I've only tried Raspberry Iced Tea and the Milk Tea and so far we're very happy. Price is reasonable too at P35 to P60.
We asked if they do franchise and asked for the number. Hehe. Wishful thinking. :P



I noticed I'm getting a lot of hits for this post. I guess many are interested in getting a Zen Tea franchise.

Well, we did get the number for the owner of Zen Ta and we did contact them. We got that details but I'm not sure if I can post details here. I suggest you just go ahead and ask the number from the nice Zen Tea kuyas just like what we did.  :)

Or you can just email them: zenteashops@yahoo.com .. this is the email address they used to give us the franchise details. Good luck, guys! We weren't able to get a franchise but I hope one of you will be successful in it. ZenTea remains to be my favorite milk tea. Libre niyo ako ha. :)

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