COMELEC Precint Finder and Swing Vote

Find if your registration is still active on COMELEC's Precint Finder. Just fill in your First, Middle, Last Name and your Birth Date. It will now tell you if your name is still active in the COMELEC's registration list and your registration details such as:
  • Province

  • City/Municipality
  • Precint
  • Registration Date
  • Polling Place
However, if you registered on December 21, 22, 23, 28 and 29, 2009 your record will not be found because it is not yet included their database.

Don't forget also to read the Tips at the bottom of the page:
1. Fill in all NAME fields completely as you indicated in your Application Form for registration.
2. Do not type just your MIDDLE INITIAL if you indicated your complete MIDDLE NAME during registration.
3. In case encoding errors may have been committed by your local COMELEC office:
a. If your name contains a JR, SR, II, III, IV, etc., try several variations of typing your name, as follows:
i. in the FIRST NAME field after your first name, such as JUAN JR.
ii. in the LAST NAME field after your last name, such as DELA CRUZ JR. iii. with a period, such as JR. iv. without a period, such as JR v. with a comma and period, Such as JUAN, JR. or JUAN JR., vi. with two (or three) spaces in between, such as JUAN JR. or JUAN JR. vii. a combination of the above-mentioned variations.
b. If your name contains MA. or MARIA, try both variations in the FIRST NAME field.

With this, I remember the movie Swing Vote. This is a timely movie for Filipinos to watch so we should realize how important one vote is.

Swing Vote

It features Kevin Costner as an apathetic father who holds the one vote that could determine who will be the next President. Kevin Costner's character then became the representation of every voter.

Haha. Hindi ako magaling mag kwento, lalo na kung English, so panoorin niyo na lang. Nice siya talaga. :)

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