Last Friday of February

We got this yummy Mernel's cake last March 1. Why? Read on...

One sunny and very humid Friday, the last Friday of February to be exact, we decided to have lunch at T.G.I. Friday's - Glorietta. Discount c/o Rex! :)

Since we're a big group, we usually rent up a whole FX going to the mall. But since walang empty fx at sobrang init para maghintay pa ng matagal, we decided to take two taxis.

Nang may nakita na kaming empty taxi, the girls -- Monet, Arlene, Nic and I -- boarded our taxi. We aksed one of the boys to come with us pero sabi nila wag na lang daw. Sunod na lang daw sila. Okay, fine with us.

We got into the restaurant, reserved a table and waited for the boys. Nagugutom na kami pero wala pa ang mga boys. Monet called Carlo.

Monet: San na kayo? Carlo: Ah, andito na sa FX. Malapit na. Order na kayo kung gusto niyo.
We decided to wait a bit before ordering, pero ang tagal talaga nila so we ordered na in advance. We even asked the waiter to do their birthday greetings dahil birthday ni Jamo the following Monday.

Eat, eat, eat. Usual asaran. Usual kwentuhan. Jamo's birthday greeting came. Clap, clap, clap. Sing, sing, sing. Happy Birthday, Jamo! But his birthday is not the subject of this post. :P

It's getting late and we're doing our usual lunch chats after eating. Nic and I excused ourselves cause we want to sneak out para maghanap ng gift for Jamo. Ang usapan, magkita na lang sa taxi bay.

After maghanap ng gift for Jamo, pumunta na kami ni Nic sa taxi bay. Wala pa sila. After a while, the Monet and Arlene came.
Nic: Nasan ang boys? Arlene: Ewan ko dun, mag Park Square pa daw sila.

Naisip namin, baka may gusto bilhin si Rex sa park square. So we shrugged it off at pumila na kami sa taxi. Ang init, init init!

Finally, nakarating din sa office. The guys followed few minutes after. Naisip ko, ang bilis naman nila mag Park Square at ang bilis nila makakuha ng taxi?!

Now this part, is a TOP SECRET! Basta somehow, we found out what really happened: The boys are being sneaky sneaky!

I was in a meeting when I got a text message from Nic. Ni-confront na daw niya yung boys and they're trying to deny pa ang kalokohan nila! Haha.

What really happened? Hindi pala sila nag Park Square. Instead, they went to the Parking and rode Jamo's Xtrail going back to the office! Hindi pala sila nag FX going to the mall, instead they took Jamo's car and drove to the mall.


Ang bad diba?! They let us girls take a taxi?! Di man lang nila kami ni-invite na sumabay sa kanila?! Bad bad bad!

Super sabon sila from us that Friday. Sabi nga ni Nic kay Jamo: "Surprise mo sarili mo sa birthday mo ha!" But of course, di naman kami ganon ka-sama, we still prepared for his birthday and gave him a birthday surprise. It is, after all, his 30th birthday. Hehe.

So that's it. The Monday after, we got this cake. But we didn't touch it until Tuesday. :P They waited for me, actually. Kasi absent ako. Hehe.

We would never let these guys off the hook easily. But then again, these guys know our weakness -- sweets! So we didn't stay mad at them for that long too. Although hanggang ngayon we're still giving them a hard time about it. Hehe.

Especially after these conversations:

While the girls are enjoying the cake for lunch...
Borgy: Wow, ano yan?!
Me: Ano?! Kayo kaya nagbigay neto?!
Borgy: Ah kami ba? Ah tinuloy pala ni Carlo yun.

Jamo: Wow! Ang sarap naman niyan! San galing yan? Penge!
Rex: Sarap naman niyan. San galing?

Obviously, hindi sila well-coordinated and well-informed.

But Carlo insists na galing daw yun sa lahat nang boys. So sige, fine. :)

Thanks for the yummy Mernel's Cake, guys! :) But we're so sorry, you really just can't outwit us. Haha. As to how we knew? It's a secret we will forever keep and even take to our graves! You will never know. Ever. :P

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