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Rye and I caught Freestyle launching their latest album, Playlist, last month at Eastwood. I've always loved Freestyle and so I bought their cd and Rye had it signed. Hehe. :)

From PEP:

Aptly titled Playlist, Freestyle goes back to the basics in this new studio album filled with romantic and easy-listening covers that people clamor for especially during live gigs. Listeners are in for a genuine musical treat with the band's own heartfelt rendition of fourteen popular love songs, reflecting a passionate flair that is clearly Freestyle's.

Songs in Playlist include I Will Survive, There's No Easy Way, Got To Be There, Suddenly, Take Me I'll Follow, I Live For Your Love, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Sara, Love's Holiday, Til I Loved You, Sweet Baby, Easy, Truly, and the carrier single I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye.

"There's No Easy Way" is so far my favorite track from the album. Yeah, it's an old song pero ngayon ko lang na appreciate. Hehe. Ngayon ko lang actually naintindihan yung lyrics. Like their previous cover, Half Crazy, this song makes me want to cry as if I could relate to the song. Thank God, couldn't. And hopefully, I wouldn't. :P

There's No Easy Way

I held her close to me
'Cause I know she breaks so easily
And then I told her
But I knew no matter how I tried to console her
She's just do the best she could
But there are times the best in no damn good
And no matter how you try to be kind
There's always still a part of you you leave behind
When it falls apart

Chorus: There's no easy way to break somebody's heart

I lied and told her she'd be fine
Though we both knew it was just a line
I had to do it
'Cause I'd a' said anytihng to help me get through it

Then she reached out for my hand
And her simple touch was more than I could stand
And I had to turn away
'Cause I knew all the hurt
That she was feeling I was feeling too
'Cause when it falls apart

There's no easy way to break somebody's heart

She could've gotten angry
And made me feel like a guilty child
But I realized that never was her style
I wanted her to hurt me
And not treat me like a friend
I wanted to to say there'd be someday
I'm come crawling on my kneeds to ask her back again
But she acted like a lady 'til the end
Oh, what a lady

I thought that she'd break down
But she smiled at me and never made a sound
And I guess she understood in her way
Cause her silence told me everything she could not say
When it falls apart
There's just no easy way

There's just no easy way
There's just no easy way to break somebody's heart.


Nakaka miss highschool days! We went to Araneta pa to watch the Freestyle Valentine concert. :) Remember, guys?

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