The 11th anniversary conference of Master’s Commission Philippines-Asia (MCP-A), dubbed “BLESSED…For Such a Time as This!”, held last Oct.26-27, 2007 here at ICS was a wonderful success. MC teams from all over Luzon came in by bus or in vans. Showing no signs of weariness from their long travels they danced, sang, worshipped and fellowshipped with each other like there was no tomorrow for the two days of the event.

Ptr. Jesse Dedel, MCP-A Director, and Rev. Jeremiah Balbuena, ICS senior pastor, officially welcomed the delegates. Ptr. Jerry spoke a powerful, timely word from I Chronicles 12:32, which highlighted the power of being a people who “understood the times and the seasons” of the Lord.

Special guests featured in the conference were the powerful worship team of Generation Congregation, a radical youth movement from the Taytay, Rizal area, led by pastors Sam Tamayo and Jordan Escusa of Taytay First Church of the Nazarene.

Another highlight of the conference was the special appearance and testimony of Ms. Lynn Garcia dela Cruz, one of the radio broadcasters of Far East Broadcasting Corporation 702 DZAS. Sis. Lynn shared her powerful testimony of overcoming her unforgiveness of adultery in their family, a victory which she traced back to having attended an MC human video workshop back in 1997! She and her husband, Ptr. Rowell dela Cruz are both MCP alumni.

Ptr. Dedel dedicated the success of this event to the family of Christian Marasigan (Sep.16, 1991 - Oct.25, 2007). Young Christian had only been involved in MC some two weeks before the event. Tragically, a week before the conference, he met a vehicular accident and, a few days later, died of complications to his injury. His last expressed desire was to be able to attend the conference, even if he had to be brought in on a wheelchair. In honor of this request, Ptr. Jesse brought in an empty wheelchair with a conference shirt draped on it. This gesture served as a catalyst to worship and re-dedication unto the Lord for everyone on the first day of the event.

The teaching sessions emphasized the missions potential and thrust of MC as a discipleship ministry. Ptr. Dedel also shared on “The Hagar-Ishmael Trauma”, a special paper on Islam that he had written when he studied Missions in the Asian Theological Seminary. The paper challenged the delegates to see Muslims from a new, biblical perspective and, hopefully, to learn to love them as true sons of Abraham.

At the end of the conference, the leadership and staff of MCP-A expressed their thanks to several people and organizations and specifically to the people and staff of ICS.

MCP-A holds their annual network conference during the last weekend of October. Next year’s conference theme was announced to be “STRONG”, taken from the New Living Translation’s rendition of 2 Timothy 1:6.


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