One Year Strong. One Year Smart.

Happy Anniversary Friends! >:D<
Kasya pa tayo dati sa pantry pag lunch. :)

Can you believe it's been one year already?! It's already been a year since...
  • We first met each other for our New Employees Orientation (NEO)
  • Set our foot in the 31st floor and wait for almost an hour for somebody to open the security door
  • Sit on that blue couch at the lobby and wait until somebody notice us
  • Chatted on the corner cube about X-Men (pinaalis pa tayo nung foreigner, hehe)
  • We got our first Smart ATMs!
  • We had our N70 phones
  • Naka-Globe at Sun pa tayo
  • Ginawa naten tambayan ang Manager's cube ni Borgy

And now, look how far we've grown!

From here..

To here..

To here..

to here..!

Haha! Thanks for the wonderful year, guys! I'm looking forward to more years of..
  • Asaran at Tampuhan
  • Breakfasts, Lunchouts and Birthdays
  • Starbucks Escapades
  • Pinoy Henyo
  • Road Trips, Mall Trips and Shopping Trips
  • Movie Nights and Overnights!

Love You, Friends! :-*

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